Meeting Thursday (2/16): Intro to Lithium: The Most Rad PHP Framework 

We’ve got something awesome on the docket for Thursday’s meeting, so tell all your friends:

Title: Intro to Lithium: The Most Rad PHP Framework

Topic: Discuss latest features introduced in PHP 5.3+ and how they are being leveraged within the Lithium Framework

John Anderson, Software Engineer @ Adobe – the Largest PHP Shop in Utah. John was the Documentation Lead for CakePHP before becoming a founding member of the Union of RAD – the team behind the Lithium Framework. He will provide deep insight into the inner workings of Lithium.
Dan (Danny) Fellars – Entrepreneur working Utah’s next great software company, built on the Lithium Framework. He will share real-life examples of working with Lithium.

The meeting is at the usual time and place (7pm, 3rd Thursday, C7′s Bluffdale data center, please bring picture ID), and we’ll have the usual afterparty (~9pm at Draper Applebees, 123rd South). See you there!