[UPHPU] PHP developer job opportunity: SplashLab Social

Evan Johnson thaddeusmt at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 12:11:34 MST 2017

My company, SplashLab Social, is currently looking to hire a PHP developer.
I live here in SLC, but we are based in Bozeman, Montana, where most of our
staff lives and works. The position could either be a remote one, or
in-house in Bozeman, MT with relocation assistance.

Specifically we are looking for a developer with experience in Drupal (8)
and/or Magento (2) for a large client project we are currently working on.
But any similar PHP web development experience with OSS frameworks and
CMS's would be applicable as well.

An ideal candidate would also be experienced with front-end web development
(JS, CSS, HTML, etc) and would have some server-side "dev-ops" chops.

Position is full-time, with benefits and competitive salary (DOE). But we
also need part-time contracting help from time-to-time, so please reach out
even if you aren't looking for full-time employment.

Here are our official job postings:


You can apply via the email address on our Careers page above, or feel free
to contact me directly with any questions you have.


Evan Johnson
ejohnson at splashlabsocial.com

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