[UPHPU] Reminder: THIS THURSDAY Aug 18 UPHPU at 7pm - ORM and APIs by Tom Anderson plus Swag

Mark Niebergall mbniebergall at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 06:52:08 MDT 2016

UPHPU for August is THIS Thursday, August 18, at 7pm at Vivint in Lehi we
will be having Tom Anderson present:


New this month one lucky random attendee will win a 1 year license to any
JetBrains product.  See below for details.

*Object Relational Mapping and it's place in APIs*

Object Relational Mapping has proven superior to SQL query based
applications. Advantages include building your database from the ORM
metadata and the ability to traverse the database using objects. An
overview of why ORM is better then specific aspects of ORM such as the
Query Builder will give the attendee a realistic understanding of the

*Tom Anderson*

Tom is Zend Certified PHP and a certified Zend Framework 2 Engineer. He has
worked in PHP since 1999 and began programming on the Commodore 128. Tom is
an open source contributor. Among his open source contributions Tom has
contributed heavily to the Apigility project by Zend.

*Swag Alert*

We have a new sponsor: JetBrains! At the end of the presentation, one
random lucky winner will win a free 1 year individual subscription to any
single JetBrains Toolbox product. Choices includes PhpStorm, WebStorm,
DataGrip, or others seen at https://www.jetbrains.com/products.html. Thanks

*Venue: Vivint*

3401 Ashton Blvd
Lehi, Utah 84043

How to get there:

The address is 3401 Ashton Blvd, though some mapping tools put that a
little far down the street (if so, try 2719 Ashton Blvd instead). It's the
first office building south of the intersection, nearest to the Dickeys BBQ
on the corner.

Just come in the front door and we'll be on the first floor, to the right.

The front door will be locked, but there's a guard on duty right inside
that can let folks in, and we're really close to the front door, so we
should be able to help people get in pretty easily.

If you can't get in, call 801-391-8249 and we'll get you in!

*The After Party*

We will be going to JCW's for the After Party. Come check it out with us.


Mark Niebergall
UPHPU President

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