[UPHPU] [OT] Tech track at StartFEST... be there :)

AJ ONeal (Home) coolaj86 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 11:21:16 MDT 2015

Gabe asked me to forward this discount for StartFEST out to you guys as


Many of you know that we've been working on this little thing called
StartFEST. This will give you a feel for what we're cooking up:

I know many of you have seen info about StartFEST here and there, but
I worry that the technical people (UGs) don't realize that there's a
full tech line up -- no marketing or sales allowed :)  It's actually a
pretty deep technical lineup.

The basic idea is that StartFEST has several tracks put on by groups
within the community. In this case, Izeni and OpenWest have teamed-up
to bring you the software dev / tech track happening Sept. 1st - 3rd
at The Reclaim on Center St. in Provo. This track features 3 days of
experts focusing on a few technical themes. Naturally, we've got
experts from our little valley, but we're also bringing in presenters
from Seattle, Denver and San Francisco. Here's a quick peek:

    SEPT 1st : JavaScript (ES6), Go, RabbitMQ, Cryptography, Docker

    SEPT 2nd: All about databases. MySQL Performance, Machine
Learning, Apache Cassandra, High-Availability PostgreSQL, RethinkDB

    SEPT 3rd: Automating telephony infrastructure: Salt, FreeSWITCH
concepts, $25 credit from Flowroute, FreeSWITCH in action (building a
multi-tenant PBX with Salt and FreeSWITCH)

You can find all the details at the Tech Track's schedule.

There will also be a special OpenWest Installfest that we'll be
announcing very soon. Victor's got a pretty exciting angle on this
event; I'll let him share all the details.

We've tried to keep the cost down so that everyone can attend. To make
it even more affordable, we have codes for the local user groups
(please don't share these outside the UGs)...

* 35% off the Beehive Pass (everything, tech, food, bands):

* 50% off a 5-day pass (speakers, panels, workshops, etc.):

Come join us. Heck, get your boss to send the whole team. Your
attendance is part of what will make this event amazing!

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