[UPHPU] Thursday's Meeting: Agile for Developers by Justin Carmony

Justin Carmony justin at justincarmony.com
Thu Oct 16 00:03:37 MDT 2014

Website Link: http://uphpu.org/meeting/2014/october-meeting/

For October's meeting our presenter will be the one, the only... me. :)
I'll be giving a talk I gave at the Dutch PHP Conference in Amsterdam on
"Agile for Developers", or the unofficial title of "How to make Agile not
suck." :)

Talk Description

Almost everyone in our industry has heard of agile development, scrum, and
likely to some degree. Most teams I know follow some sort of scrum-like
process: two week sprints, story points, estimation, etc. However, it is
very easy to go through the motions of scrum & agile without really
improving the process, and that was the struggle our different different
development teams faced at DDM. However, over the last two years across our
different teams we’ve discovered very key elements of scrum that are rarely
talked about that make the biggest difference.

So in this talk we’ll assume you’ve heard of scrum, sprints, scrummasters,
backlogs, and the general idea of scrum. In this talk, we’ll go through the
key changes we made in our agile process across our different teams that
really made the difference. We’ll show how we were able to change scrum
from a set of meetings and to-do lists into an effective system that has
double our teams’ output.

Speaker Bio

Justin Carmony has been programming professionally in PHP since 2005. He
lives in Ogden, Utah where he currently is the Director of Development for
Deseret Digital Media, a local media company that runs some of largest
regional new websites in the country. In the past he has worked for CEVO, a
video game company that runs hosted online tournaments for companies like
Dell, nVidia, DirectTV, and others. He currently is the President of the
Utah PHP Usergroup and helps the Utah Open Source Foundation.

The After Party

The After Party will be at the traditional location of Applebee's in
Draper. We typically head over there at about 8:30-9:00, so watch Twitter
and we'll announce when we're heading over.

Meeting Venue: Needle

The Meetings are still at Needle, their address is:

Needle Inc.
14864 Pony Express Road
Bluffdale, UT 84065

Look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday!


Justin Carmony

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