[UPHPU] New(er/ish) VPS provider

Brian J. Rogers captbrogers at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 10:54:05 MST 2013

I know I've asked for recommendations on who to use as a VPS provider in
the past, so I thought I'd put this out there since I came across it this


At initial glace they seem no better or worse than any other provider I've
seen. Few key things about them that I did like:

1. All servers use SSDs only (from what I can tell)
2. Prices are really competitive
3. Smaller servers (512 MB ram, 20 GB drive, "1 Core") are ready in under a
4. No bandwidth cap or limitations
5. They will give you a small server (specs above) for 12 hours, no cost or
credit card required
6. API to interact with your server
7. Free DNS management

The small server I mentioned above is only $5/month, doesn't seem to be an
introductory price either.

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