[UPHPU] I made the switch to MariaDB

Steve Meyers steve-uphpu at spamwiz.com
Wed Jul 11 18:51:24 MDT 2012

I know a lot of people have asked me about what the best MySQL server 
is.  I've been using Percona 5.1 for quite a while, and love it. 
However, I made the switch last night to MariaDB 5.5.

So far, it's worked great.  I've had no problems whatsoever.  It's only 
been a day, though.  I made the switch because of features.  MariaDB has 
the Sphinx full-text storage engine built-in, while I had to compile it 
separately for Percona.  This simplifies my server management.  The 
other reason I finally made the switch is that the Monty Group now 
provides a CentOS repository for binaries.

I did a "SHOW PROCESSLIST" last night, and saw the Progress % column. 
That alone made it worth it. :)


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