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Victor Villa vvilla at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 13:04:44 MDT 2011

don't forget wordcamp 2011 on Sept 10!

the two presos i'm anxious for are Site Performance and AB testing



On Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 9:59 AM, Mac Newbold <mac at macnewbold.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm making some progress on my goal of scheduling/announcing meetings
> earlier. Here are the upcoming events of note:
> [Don't let this deter you from contacting me about presenting... we
> haven't scheduled November and beyond yet. In the past we've often
> cancelled the December meeting it seems, but if there's sufficient
> interest we can hold one.]
> 1. UPHPU Meeting, September 15th, 7pm @ C7 Data Center (Bluffdale)
> First, we'll have a brief presentation from a visitor from the FBI, I
> believe about tech opportunities within their organization.
> Then, the main event will be Steve Meyers presenting on PHP Security.
> We will be giving away more UTOS Raffle Tickets.
> 2. UTOS Project Day, Sept. 17th 10am-5:30pm @ SLCC Miller Campus
> (Professional Development Center)
> Come hack on your favorite open source project, and participate in the
> raffle drawing to win a Motorola XOOM tablet, worth >=$500 iirc.
> 3. UPHPU Meeting, October 20th, 7pm @ C7 Data Center (Bluffdale)
> Grant Shipley, from Redhat, will be flying in from North Carolina to
> tell us about deploying PHP on ec2 using openshift, and a little about
> www.follw.it which is a site he created using Code Igniter, and why I
> chose PHP over Java for the follw.it site, despite being a Java
> developer for over 10 years.
> Scale or Fail - Give your App the Speed it Needs in the Cloud!
> Whether you have one or a million visitors accessing your web app,
> they are all going to demand a great user experience regardless of
> what it takes for you to deliver it. This invariably means quick page
> loads and fast response times every single time. When things go south,
> you just throw more hardware at the problem and increase your caches
> and buffers, right? Wrong. Toss in an infrastructure that resides on
> the cloud and now you’ve got a really interesting problem on your
> hands. I’ll leave the marketecure slides at the door, this is a
> hands-on technical talk in which we'll deploy an application to the
> cloud and then turn up the heat by leveraging the right mix of
> elasticity and auto-sclaing.
> Bio:
> Grant Shipley is an OpenShift PaaS Evangelist at Red Hat focused on
> cloud technologies.  Prior to that, Grant was a Manager of Software
> Development with responsibilities over the www.redhat.com website and
> supporting infrastructure.  Grant has over 10 years of software
> development experience focusing on Java and PHP.  In his free time, he
> contributes to several open source projects including Media Portal and
> www.follw.it  as well as developing iOS applications.  Grant has been
> using Linux on a daily basis since 1994 and is active in the FOSS
> community.
> Thanks!
> Mac
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