[UPHPU] Freelance going rates

Velda Christensen velda at novapages.com
Wed May 11 23:55:32 MDT 2011

Alright, you can take this with a grain of salt since it comes from a
designer's perspective, but here you go:

Doing 1099 work at near-W2 rates just creates headaches - you've got
extra taxes and other expenses to cover, not to mention the cost of
holidays and buying your own insurance, unpaid time you spend keeping
books, etc.  And while it's easy enough to charge a lot less when
you're only moonlighting, you never know when 1099 work might become
your full time gig.

So my recommendation (based on the recommendations of several good
friends) is to use a calculator like http://freelanceswitch.com/rates/
  to figure out how much you'd need to charge per hour if you were
freelancing full time.  And then just charge that rate.  Another
helpful hint from my friends is to keep timestamps as you work, with
separate logs for paid and unpaid work so you can get a feel for your
ratio of paid to unpaid time.  I just use a tool like this one to
process my logs... http://monsterguitars.com/hours/ .

One of my friends wrote this article on the topic (again, for
designers, but the same ideas should apply...)

Hope that helps.


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