[UPHPU] Freelance going rates

thebigdog bigdog at venticon.com
Wed May 11 13:16:37 MDT 2011

> Since this is not an official job position at this point I figured the
> general list would be best for this, my appologies if this is an incorrect
> assumption on my part.
> My primary question with this email is what is the going rate(s) for
> freelance PHP programmers in the area?
> Secondly, I have been asked by a co-worker about working on a site with ELGG
> and Zend frameworks.  Unfortunately, I have not used either, nor do I have
> the experience needed for something as complex as he is wanting to do.
> Right now he is using off shore coders to build his website but has run into
> multiple issues in doing so.  He is looking into bringing the work local.
> Right now he is just price shopping to see if the cost works into his
> budget.
> He is looking for someone with experience in the above frameworks for some
> freelance work, he is estimating about 20 hours a week.  Mostly the work
> would be to finish up and put the final polish on several modules on his
> site as well as coding some modules from the ground up.
> Again this is just to get a feel for the local market at this point,
> however, if you have experience with ELGG and / or Zend frameworks and are
> interested in approx 20 hours of freelance work a week please send me your
> information so I can pass it on to him.  I would need your name and best
> method of contact as well as your "asking rate"

I personally tend to have a range of prices for the work and for the client. But
I agree with Mac's comments on the right person/company for the job and getting
the desired skill set that is needed for the job.

However, in the situation that you have presented I would actually charge a lot
more because of the fact that it is offshore work that I would have to take over
and fix. I have done many of these types of projects and they are some of the
worst ones to do. So I would factor in the compensation to deal with that whole
mess that will arise.

My hourly rate is a little lower than most for my skill set because I tend to do
my work out of the love for coding, then for the need. So I usually am around
$50 - $65 hour. With that said, I do factor in many variables when I come up
with a rate like that...one being how much I like dealing with you.

As you look at the hourly rate you need to factor in the person(s) that is
actually doing the work. Are they full functional company or just a 1 or 2 man
shop and how well they are at at hitting deadlines. I think many people that are
looking for developers tend to look at just one item, cost, and rarely look at
the other factors that are vital to the success of the project. Hence, my
initial concern with the project using an offshore development company.


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