[UPHPU] Server Hosting.

Brian J. Rogers brian at ditoforge.com
Tue May 3 21:42:12 MDT 2011

Mostly the thing I was getting at is how do they treat their customers 
when they have an issue. I wouldn't have cared if they gave me a free 
month, but the fact that they took care of it and admitted they had an 
issue then corrected it permanently. I've worked for a shared hosting 
company and there were some servers that were just lemons. It seemed 
liked half of our calls were about these same servers. Company wouldn't 
do a thing to help them, and it always irritated me that we couldn't fix 
the issues.

Sounds like Linode is the kind of company I want, someone who will take 
care of things when they start to go wrong and it won't be a patch job. 
Thanks for the advice.

On 05/03/2011 08:38 PM, Bryan Petty wrote:
> I've been with Linode for almost 7 years now. I've never received a
> credit for downtime, but at the same time, the closest thing to a SLA
> Linode provides is a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which allows for 43
> minutes of downtime per month (it is applicable to a monthly basis at
> least), and I've never experienced more than about 2 hours downtime in
> my worst year. I think there was once that I did have just over an
> hour downtime once, but never requested a pro-rated refund. So to
> answer your question at least partially, I'm fairly certain you have
> to actually request a refund. Though they respond to support tickets
> extremely fast, and have never let me down for the few times I've had
> to put in tickets (mostly for upgrades, or billing changes).
> You are right, everyone has downtime eventually, though one of the
> reasons I have stuck around for so long is because it happens so
> infrequently at Linode in my experience. It seems to only happen about
> twice per year, it's usually never for longer than 15-20 minutes each
> time, and about 70% of the time it's network downtime, leaving the
> host online and running without a reboot most of the time. And to be
> perfectly honest, it's only happened maybe once in the entire 7 years
> when it's been caused by some negligence on part of the Linode staff.
> Once was a hard drive on my host failing, though they are configured
> in a RAID 1 mirror, so I was promptly moved off the host and no data
> was lost.
> Linode is always on the ball as far as mitigating any problems very
> quickly, then writing up a full report shortly after it's been fixed.
> If you're curious, you could always browse http://status.linode.com/
> for an idea of what has gone down datacenter-wide, for how long, and
> what kind of issues usually pop up. That status page aggregates all
> issues across all 5 datacenters btw, most of those issues never
> actually affect more than maybe 20% of all Linode customers.
> As Jonathan mentioned, feedback from users verges on fanatical, and
> I'm certainly no exception, so I'll save you the rest of the details
> for the sake of simply providing info in regards to downtime as you
> requested. There's plenty of reviews online if you're looking for more
> info.
> Regards,
> Bryan Petty

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