[UPHPU] Server Hosting.

Brian J. Rogers brian at ditoforge.com
Tue May 3 09:30:48 MDT 2011

 Very sad to say that it looks like SliceHost will be absorbed soon by 
 Rackspace. Don't know how I feel about it because it seems like they are 
 fumbling on it in terms of explaining how it will happen and what 
 customers can expect. I'm looking into Linode right now, after hearing 
 people here talk about it.

 So for those of you using Linode, how have they handled any downtime? I 
 know it's going to happen no matter where you host, but I'm curious to 
 know how they treat customers after it happens. SliceHost gave me a free 
 month after they had a small problem one night, and they did it without 
 me having to ask for it. I feel like that's the kind of treatment that 
 will earn my business.


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