[UPHPU] Development Environment

thebigdog bigdog at venticon.com
Wed Mar 23 20:59:57 MDT 2011

On 3/23/11 6:16 PM, Mac Newbold wrote:
> One disadvantage of a local dev environment is that it is local to
> exactly one computer. If you always develop on that box (i.e. a
> laptop) then it can make sense, but if you have a box at work and a
> different box at home or elsewhere that you sometimes use, or a
> desktop and a laptop, then your dev environment is stranded on the one
> box where it is set up, and when you pick up where you left off on a
> different machine, none of your local changes are there. If it applies
> to you, it's a showstopper though for having one local dev environment
> rather than having a dev environment out in the cloud somewhere. It
> also comes in handy if your local box is more likely to fail or have
> problems or need upgrades etc. than the remote dev environment, which
> in my experience is typically the case
> (desktops and laptops have lower average uptime than a server environment).

I tend to use a small portable drive that I store my virtual machines on, I then
carry this drive between my desktop and laptops. This allows me to have
everthing local and have a stable environment that I can take anywhere, version
the env, share with others and do pretty much whatever I like with it. It does
require the machine to have something like virtualbox installed, that would be
the only draw back. I do like the ability to have it setup for one dev
environment and I dont have to have all that stuff installed on multiple
machines. Kinda best of both worlds.


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