[UPHPU] relative absolute?

Velda Christensen velda at novapages.com
Tue Jul 26 23:14:38 MDT 2011

I've used it before too when embedding stuff (like stylesheets & js)
that don't really need to be encrypted unless the user is in https.
Works great :)

On Tue, Jul 26, 2011 at 10:58 PM, Kevin Gwynn <kevin.gwynn at gmail.com> wrote:
> We use this syntax at my work. It is very handy!
> On Jul 26, 2011 10:24 PM, "Michael Jones" <jmjones at sisna.com> wrote:
> It seems that what the // does (based on the W3 thread linked earlier) is it
> makes use of the current base protocol. Without delving into the LDS
> infrastructure, the key here is that the CSS files are not hosted on lds.org
> ,
> but on ldscdn.org  -- doesn't really matter if these are the same server or
> not obviously, but presumably the CDN is separately hosted, which is where
> this becomes really useful.
> So if I visit https://lds.org/, the // ensures that the CSS and image
> resources are loaded from https://ldscdn.org/, thus avoiding any browser
> errors that the resources are coming from a non-secure location, but also
> avoiding any server-side logic to determine whether or not to source http or
> https, as the current protocol is automatically assumed for that link. Very
> cool.
> On Tue, Jul 26, 2011 at 10:04 PM, Ed Felt <edfelt at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Of course it's not a securi...
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