[UPHPU] mgeary - ffmpeg

thin thinbegin at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 18:47:44 MDT 2010

mgeary, you left irc before i could get this out, so i thought i'd
cross-over to email. dunno if it'll help, but i thought it worth

a client i have does a lot of video and we found that when using mp4
compression to render, the rendering style would make all the
difference in the world when it came to streaming the content. the vid
would play famously locally [wondows and mac, they didn't try linux
but i don't think os was part of the equation] but it would just
syrup-right-on-up when it cam streaming time. a quick [heh] re-render
- using [i think] progressive scan - did the trick perfectly.

again, hope it helps! :)


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