[UPHPU] Androids and Tethering

Brandon Stout bms at mscis.org
Tue Oct 19 12:30:15 MDT 2010

 On 10/19/2010 08:05 AM, Mike Mackrory wrote:

> I just got the Samsung Galaxy S from Verizon... I think it's
> called the Fascinate with Android 2.1
> It came preinstalled with a mobile 3g hotspot which is supposed to
> be able to handle 5 devices at once. Haven't actually used it yet,
> but it doesn't look like there are any additional fees or anything
> like that. Probably won't be incredibly fast either, but it should
> do the job!
> Mike

As I understand it, the hotspot access is locked out on Verizon unless
you pay for additional hot-spot access.  Really, I don't even need
several devices.  I have that with my home connection.  I just want to
be able to connect my laptop when I'm roaming.  The plans they have to
connect several devices would be a great replacement if I didn't take
the router with me everywhere I go, thereby leaving the home without
internet.  What use is a cell phone for connecting several devices
unless you live on your own?  That's another reason I think it's
overkill to purchase their hotspot add on, it's more than I want, and
they don't have something for just connecting your laptop for less.
You pay to connect several devices or they lock out the feature and
you can't connect any.  All that with a phone that has the capability,
and they go out of their way to block it.

Thank you,


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