[UPHPU] [uphpu] reading mysql with microsoft access

Wade Preston Shearer wadeshearer.lists at me.com
Fri May 21 15:41:27 MDT 2010

Reading straight into Excel would be great. I tried it on my machine (Excel 2008 on Macintosh) and discovered that I need a third-party ODBC driver. The two third-parties that were recommend charge for the driver. Does Excel on Microsoft Windows require a third-party driver for this as well? Are there any free versions? My client would be more interested in my installing phpMyAdmin and using that to generate reports before spending money on a driver.

On May 21, 2010, at 03:27 PM, thebigdog <bigdog at venticon.com> wrote:

On 5/21/10 3:02 PM, Wade Preston Shearer wrote:
> There is a member of our group that frequents the IRC channel that mentioned
> that he uses Microsoft Access to read MySQL databases frequently at his place
> of employment. I can't remember who that was. If it was you, would mind
> emailing me? I have a few questions.
> If anyone else has experience with this, here is my question:
> I set up Microsoft Access for a client. It works great for them to read the
> MySQL database. I set it up permissions on the MySQL account that they are
> using to be read-only so that that it is only a reporting tool. The problem
> is that with these permissions, there is no way to export the data. Microsoft
> Access disabled copy-and-pasting or exporting to Excel. Is there any way to
> set things up such that my client would be unable to modify the database but
> would be able to run queries and export them?

If you set up the odbc connection to mysql then you can access that connection
with excel as well and they can create queries right in excel and have the data

If you have questions let me know.


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