[UPHPU] Lagoon Trip '10 details

Steve Dibb beandog at gentoo.org
Fri Jul 23 15:29:49 MDT 2010

Okay gang,

So the Lagoon trip is still on for tomorrow (July 24th).  I'm going to 
arrive there about 6 p.m. myself, and I'll be around til the park 
closes, so if anyone wants to meet up, come on by. :)  I'll be wearing 
my lucky TRON t-shirt (bright cyan, says "FLYNN'S" on it), so I should 
be standing out more than usual if you're looking for us while there.

I still have some discount tickets available, so if you would like some, 
that's still an option.

We're going to meet up at Pioneer Village at about 8:30 just in case we 
get split up or someone else decides to arrive later.  There's a snack 
stand with lots of benches right next to the Log Flume, that's where 
we'll be momentarily.

If you want discount tickets, drop me an email off-list and I'll help 
you out.

If someone wants to contact me while we're at the park, you can send me 
a direct message via Twitter to beandog76.

I think that's it. :)


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