[UPHPU] UPHPU Lagoon Trip on Pioneer Day

Velda Christensen velda at novapages.com
Mon Jul 19 09:36:54 MDT 2010

> I think that July 24 is going to be very crowded and I would
> have to wait hours in lines for rides.

I can't speak for the 24th, but I know on July 3rd in the evening,
there really weren't that many people there at all, and I had
anticipated a big crowd.  I would estimate that the Wednesday after
that was at least 3x busier.  Maybe it'll be different on the 24th
(particularly since that's the actual holiday whereas the 3rd was not)
but I'm guessing people will be doing other stuff (like attending bbqs
and fireworks shows) at night.

I can also say that the discount passes I've got don't black out the
24th, but they do black out several other weekends.

Anyway. 2 cents back at ya. :)

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