[UPHPU] discovered ISNULL() for default join values in MySQL

Wade Preston Shearer wadeshearer.lists at me.com
Mon Feb 22 18:10:41 MST 2010

On 22 Feb 2010, at 17:18, Joseph Scott wrote:

> On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 5:03 PM, Wade Preston Shearer
> <wadeshearer.lists at me.com> wrote:
>> I looked coalesce up and don't see how would work in this case. Will you provide an example?
> You didn't provide a specific query to compare with so hard to say
> exactly how you would use it in your case.

Sorry; here's an example:

SELECT hans.this, hans.that, ISNULL(frans.the, 'default value') as other 
FROM database_hans hans
LEFT JOIN database_frans frans
	ON hans.fk=frans.pk

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