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Wade Preston Shearer wadeshearer.lists at me.com
Tue Feb 16 16:01:24 MST 2010

I've set up video several times on sites (always used FLVPlayer as Victor recommends) and I'd recommend letting someone else do it unless you really need control over security and what the player looks like. For my current project I have set up a YouTube channel and am going to simply embed the YouTube player into the client's site—that's free hosting, free bandwidth, free player, and controls that the user is already familiar with. Plus, their content will have even greater potential for being discovered. All of those reasons would make that option a no-brainer and excellent solution for a few short video clips.

On Tuesday, February 16, 2010, at 02:44PM, "Victor Villa" <vvilla at gmail.com> wrote:
>You've got several good questions here.  Let's step through them.
>Video + Security
>There are 2 types of streaming when it comes to video, real-time and
>progressive.  Progressive stream videos aren't really streams.  They are
>files that are stored on a web server and a video player (JW Player or
>other) plays the video as the video file is downloaded from the server.
> This means that the video is stored in the cache.  It can easily be saved
>from here.  If that presents a problem for you, having your clients have a
>copy of the video, then you don't want this method.
>Real-time streaming is a method where you using a server to deliver the
>video to the video player (JW Player or other) but a copy of the video isn't
>stored in cache.  A server can be Flash Media Server, Wowza, Red 5, etc.
> While these files can still be captured, it is much more difficult.
>As for video players, I know there are many offerings on the internet, but I
>STRONGLY recommend JW Player.  It is constantly being updated and new
>features added, the license is reasonably priced or free for non-profit.
>hope this helps
>On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 3:27 PM, MilesTogoe <miles.togoe at gmail.com> wrote:
>> if I want to include a few short (say 3 min) video clips on our b-to-b
>> website (linode - sinatra) what do people suggest about hosting the
>> video clips - should they just be in a folder on the website ?  or
>> should they be hosted outside on one of the video sites ?   If hosted on
>> our own server it would just be in the form of a video file (maybe Ogg
>> or Flash) that would require a client player (I'd like to do it with
>> html 5 but doubt that many browsers out there are capable of that yet.
>> (though we're running Sinatra, I know a lot of you php group folks are
>> well versed in video).
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