[UPHPU] Lunch Today at 1pm!

Velda Christensen velda at novapages.com
Tue Feb 9 06:59:33 MST 2010

In honor of UPHPU's #1 Girl Geek coming back to Utah (if only for a few
days) we're having an impromptu Geek Lunch.

When: Today, Tuesday, February 9th, at 1PM
Where: La Frontera, home of legendary smothered burriotos.  It's at 61 West
and 10600 South.
Who: Friends of Sheri (if you're a geek, you should be, which means you
should come if you can!)

I can get your typical tables, or if I know we'll have a crowd, they have a
separate dining room we can use if we ask for it soon enough.  So if you're
planning on coming, let me know asap. If you're not sure, we'd still love to
see you there.

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