[UPHPU] Managed Hosts

Wade Preston Shearer wadeshearer.lists at me.com
Mon Feb 8 22:47:16 MST 2010

On 8 Feb 2010, at 22:40, thin wrote:

> I have the opportunity to switch a company from their current hosting
> solution to a new [hopefully better] one. Since I am the way I am, I
> like to re-re-re-research just to stay current. :)
> That said, I'd like everyone ot [once again] give their opinions on
> their favorite host solutions. Please fel free to self-promote, if
> that's your schtick, but if you do, at least let me know that.

What kind of hosting? shared? virtual? dedicated? managed? collocated?  
a rack? a closet? an aisle? a room? a shipping container?

support local:

Tier Four / C7 for colocation!
Bluehost for shared!
XMission everything in between!

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