[UPHPU] samba3 PDC with LDAP backend on Debian

Brandon Stout bms at mscis.org
Mon Feb 1 11:03:00 MST 2010

I'm following the steps on this article:


I've been able to follow everything up to 'Testing the configuration'
(which had a spelling error that I fixed), where it says 'Log back into
phpldapadmin and verify that the DomainName record exists below the root'.

I see root, and under root I see:


I see these because I created them.  Nowhere in the article does it
specify to create a DomainName record, or what kind of record it should
be.  Should it have magically appeared on its own?  I doubt it, so I'm
thinking there's a hole in the article, unless I missed something.
Where should the DomainName record be?

After that, the article says 'create the following Samba3 Mappings under
the groups OU:'

How do I create them?  If I click ou=groups and under objectClass, click
'Add Value', there's no value called 'Samba3 Mappings'.  The closest
one, and the only one I found with 3 fields, was SambaGroupMapping.  It
has a gid and sid field, but not a 'Unix/Windows Name' field, and if I
put what you recommended for 'Unix/Windows Name' for 'sambaGroupType', I
get this error:

LDAP said: Invalid syntax
Error number: 0x15 (LDAP_INVALID_SYNTAX)
Description: An invalid attribute value was specified.

Any recommendations?  Hopefully, I can help you improve the
documentation and get accomplish what I'm getting paid to do here at the
same time (which is set up Samba as a pdc for 6 Windows XP users).

One other problem with the article as I see it.  It uses the normal
plain text config files for everything except ldap, and there it uses
the third party phpldapadmin.  I think it would be better if it were
consistent and just stayed with using the ldap config files as well.
I'm pretty much done with everything in the article now, except all the
stuff the article says to do with phpldapadmin, steps which are not very

Can anyone here fill in on the ldap config steps for setting up a Debian
server as a PDC?


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