[UPHPU] hackUTOS 2.0 is just two days away

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hackUTOS 2.0 is this Saturday, August 21, 2010 from 10am to 4pm (9am
for early birds and 5pm for late birds) and is sponsored and hosted by
TenX Networks[1].

If you don't already know, hackUTOS isn't all about programming.

-- It's about working on a project that you otherwise may not have time.
-- It's about learning a new technology by joining others
-- It's about networking with other smart people who like to create stuff
-- It's about junk food during up to 8 hours of hacking on your favorite stuff!
-- It's about being able to sit in a corner and focus on your project
without interruption
-- It's about providing the best open source software hacking space

Some of the projects that came out of last hackUTOS (1.0):

-- Wheresmysoda.com -- a site dedicated to providing locations or best
price of your favorite soda
-- ConMan - an ongoing project for conference management
-- Metasploit - penetration testing application

TenX networks has some awesome space out by the airport.  They've been
out there for a few years with a huge space!  The gang there is
really, really excited to meet everyone who will be at hackUTOS 2.0.

Come on down this Saturday and hang out with other geeks.  We'll
provide you space to hack, snacks, lunch and plenty of projects to
come and learn!

Saturday, August 21, 10am-4pm (early bird and late bird is open from 9-5)
TenX Networks (map: http://sn.im/tenxnetworks-map)
4855 Wiley Post Way
Salt Lake City, UT 84116

See you all there!

Clint Savage
Chief Executive, Utah Open Source Foundation

1 - http://tenxnetworks.com/

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