[UPHPU] to ORM or to NOT

Chad Sollis lists at sollis.net
Sun Aug 15 14:42:29 MDT 2010

hey all,

Matt's post a few days ago has me thinking, as I have looked at various ORM projects for PHP.  It seems like the few always referenced are Doctrine, Propel, and Redbean, (and I'm sure matt's NORM will be there soon ;).

However, i know there is a time and place for various technologies, as I have begun to dive into learning Doctrine, it seems intensely over complicated, and has significant performance problems  (from a handful of websites I've found).

Would someone (or many of you) help me understand where the benefits are in the added development time and learning, that cant be obtained by decent DB abstraction.  

I get the DB agnostic angle...  looking for additional prospectives and insights...

Many Thanks.


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