[UPHPU] Ajax frameworks

MilesTogoe miles.togoe at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 10:22:14 MDT 2009

Scott Hill wrote:
> I recently completed a small ajax application and thoroughly enjoyed
> learning more about ajax.  Now that it is complete and in production, it is
> being suggested that I should have used a framework.  "They" were also quite
> chagrined that I got away with using php for the project. (It's those .net
> people again)
> So, why should I use an ajax framework instead of doing the ajax coding
> myself?  What are the benefits.  The down side?
why?:  time and quality.  try JQuery, it's fast to use - tons of great 
plug-ins.  Quality in the sense that many eyeballs are maintaining the 
library to work across all browsers, etc. - better than you can do 
yourself.   Note: the other ajax libs are fine too: prototype, dojo, moo

"got away with php" ?  do they live under a rock and not heard of 
Facebook, Yahoo, WordPress, .......  It's not that .net is a bad 
product, it's just that people who rely solely on MS stuff become 
really, really stupid. 

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