[UPHPU] Electroregeneration Society Linux Installfest - Give your time during the holidays.

Clint Savage herlo1 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 20:47:53 MST 2009

Ladies and Gentleman,

As the holiday season comes upon us, many think about those who are a
bit less fortunate than us.  I am no different in this category and
feel like I would like to do something to help those who need a hand.
This year, I plan to help the Electroregeneration Society
(http://electroregeneration.org/) by heading down there for our
inaugural "ERGS/UTOS Holiday Linux Installfest".

I hope this might interest a few of you as well.  And if so, please
consider coming down anytime and donating your time.  Here's the

Location: Electroregeneration Society Warehouse (555 S 400 W, Salt
Lake City, UT) (map: http://sn.im/ergs-map)
Date: December 19, 2009
Time: 9am-5pm (Installfest starts at 10am)

What can I bring?

We'll be setting up the equipment at 9am.  ERGS has power strips,
ethernet switches, computers and monitors.  If you have Ubuntu, Fedora
or openSUSE install media (CD or DVDs are what we need), bring them
with you.  Please also bring your laptops so we can look up settings
and the like if needed.  I'll be bringing my laptop with a tethered
phone too, just in case we're overwhelming the internets there.

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Please come on down and donate your time, here's a bit of a spiel from
Dave Turnbull, one of the many volunteers at ERGS:

The Electroregeneration Society enriches lives through affordable
access to technology by repurposing electronics, supporting technology
education, and developing community partnerships."

We primarily serve two groups -- charities and low-income families or
individuals. We provide computers to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations
without regard to mission -- all nonprofits qualify. For individuals
and families, we have a service-for-equipment program, where they
provide 15 hours of service to ERGS in exchange for a desktop

The Utah Open Source Foundation's goals align with the
Electroregeneration Society's goals because we'll be installing Linux
on machines that will be repurposed.  Sometimes, the machines are a
bit older, Linux is the only simple way these machines will be able to
be repurposed.

If you have a few hours on Saturday, December 19, consider coming down
and donating a bit of your time for a good cause and help us install
Linux on as many machines as possible.  I will be there with my
family.  I sure hope you can come as well.  It's going to be a blast
while helping the community get connected to the world :)

See you all there,

Clint Savage
Utah Open Source Foundation

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