[UPHPU] Any recommendations for PHP PDF Creation?

Brady Mitchell mydarb at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 11:35:17 MDT 2008

> Does anyone have any recommendations for a PDF writer for PHP which  
> works
> well, is efficient, and will allow us to create reports, print out  
> text and
> graphics and that kind of thing.  In the past we've tried to go with  
> free
> open source type solutions as well, which might be our problem, so  
> if there
> are any commercial products that anyone has experience with, or could
> recommend, we'd consider those as well.

I've used FPDF on a couple projects in the past and have been happy  
with it. I've also heard lots of good things about dompdf (http://www.digitaljunkies.ca/dompdf/ 

You'll definitely want to take a look at pdftk (http://www.accesspdf.com/pdftk/ 
) -- it won't create pdfs for you, but it's a great tool for working  
with pdfs. (For example taking input from a form and filling out a pdf  
form is very easy with pdftk.)


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