[UPHPU] Speaking of pdf creation...

Ash ashovi at qwest.net
Tue Sep 23 11:18:00 MDT 2008

Ash wrote:
> I have a script that makes a pdf with pdflib, and when it is done, I 
> need it to make an eps file from it. I use this command at the end of 
> the script:
> shell_exec("pdf2ps -eps /graphics/epsfiles/$jobnum.pdf 
> /graphics/epsfiles/$jobnum.eps");
> But it doesn't actually create the eps file. The pdf file is in the 
> directory, but it doesn't convert it to an eps for some reason.
> I think the script is finishing before the eps is made. Is there a way 
> to wait until the shell_exec is finished before going to the next step 
> in the script?
> Ash

I hate to answer my own question, but all I had to do was add $tempvar= 
in front of the shell_exec command and it worked.

I just don't know why.


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