[UPHPU] Open Source Business?

Walt Haas haas at xmission.com
Sun Sep 21 00:57:34 MDT 2008

You mean like ours?  :-)


We're a little different in that we are a non-profit that focuses on 
providing support for other non-profits.

Our software is all GPL and publicly accessible except that we switched 
registrars over the weekend and everything is still in flux.

-- Walt

Daniel C. wrote:
> Just wondering what everyone here thinks of the idea of creating an
> open source business.  I don't mean a business that uses open source
> software (there are lots of those) or a business that is open about
> its practices.  I mean a business whose entire business plan, all of
> its policies and procedures, manuals for daily operation, and so on
> are all freely available online.  It would encourage other people to
> download this content and create their own business just like the
> original business.
> I'm thinking specifically of web development businesses, where their
> primary competitive edge is the people they employ and not their
> practices, policies, etc.
> What do you all think?
> -Dan
> P.S. Hi!  I'm back!
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