[UPHPU] a wiki that doesn't suck

MilesTogoe miles.togoe at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 09:04:55 MDT 2008

Jonathan Duncan wrote:
> On 09 Sep 2008, at 01:44, justin wrote:
>>>> and it's open source and it even runs on linux, why does it matter 
>>>> that
>>>> it's .net?
>>> I would not consider VM "running" on Linux.
>> I'm not even that attached to this particular wiki, I'm just a bit
>> irritated that you'd write off what appears to be a very good solution
>> based on preconceived notions about a language/environment. I think
>> you should give it a shot.
> Wade, I am not irritated.  I fully support writing off any product 
> based solely on language and environment.  =)

Hang in there Wade, some of us know where you are coming from.    How 
about the tiny wiki talked about in PHP Cookbook ?   If something like 
MediaWiki or Tiny Wiki doesn't fit the bill, you might consider creating 
one to fit your needs. 

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