[UPHPU] modal popup form over form

Scott Mattocks scott at crisscott.com
Tue Nov 4 08:40:13 MST 2008

MilesTogoe wrote:
> I have the case on a select box needing to have an add capability (popup 
> a form to add a new element to the list table and refresh the list) 
> without disturbing the filled in data on the underlaying form.   I've 
> seen this done in Rails but searched around this AM trying to find a 
> cool JQuery lightbox kind of dialog and didn't see anything like this - 
> does anyone know of a link to a good example or tutorial of this ?


This is based on prototype. Its not free, but its not outrageously 
expensive either. We use it for modal dialogs throughout our system and 
we are pretty happy with it. It has enough flexibility to allow us to do 
all sorts of things like display different pieces of inline content and 
content based on Ajax requests.

Scott Mattocks
Author: Pro PHP-GTK

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