[UPHPU] .htaccess performance hit

Wade Preston Shearer lists at wadeshearer.com
Wed May 7 15:08:25 MDT 2008

I have been told that using .htaccess files (specifically, mod  
rewrites in .htaccess files) can have a significant negative impact on  
performance. Is this .htaccess use period or just heavy .htaccess use?  
Meaning, is there a difference between one rewrite in an .htaccess  
file over two hundred? Note that I am not asking about the effect on  
performance with rewrites in general, just the use of .htaccess files.  
Will reducing the contents of an .htaccess file help or will I have to  
disable .htaccess use altogether to see any change? It seems to me  
that you would have to disabled .htaccess use entirely in order to see  
a performance increase since Apache would have to still traverse the  
web tree checking for .htaccess files even if they don't exist or even  
if they are light. Will moving all of my rewrites into httpd.conf and  
leaving .htaccess use enabled so that I can toss a quite rule in once  
in a while without having to restart Apache negate the performance  
improvement that I am seeking?

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