[UPHPU] Feedback on my new open source project: Outlet

Nathan Lane nathamberlane at gmail.com
Mon May 5 09:58:48 MDT 2008

Thanks for the explanation. I've been looking into Active Record for PHP,
thinking that maybe it would be a worthwhile investment. The only thing is
that after having briefy used Active Record in Ruby, I feel kind of
constricted by naming conventions - plurality for tables, singularity for
rows, and I gues I just don't understand it very well, but I don't like that
either. So is ORM more flexible? You say it
"maps" to database entities, does that mean that my tables can have any naming
convention I decide
on? Also, I guess what I'm really looking for is more of a .Net Linq
solution for PHP, but still not exactly that. I just want a decent
abstraction layer.


On 5/5/08, Alvaro Carrasco <alvaro at epliant.com> wrote:
> It is similar in purpose and outcome (working with entities instead of
> tables), but the implementation is different. Active Record has the code for
> the CRUD operations in the entity class itself and it generally requires
> your entities to extend a base class: User extends ActiveRecord. Outlet is
> more of a Data Mapper, where the your entities are decoupled from the code
> that saves them to the database, the data is saved by a "mapper" that is
> configured to know how to map the data. I think that Outlet is much nicer
> than an Active Record implementation :)
> Alvaro

Nathan Lane

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