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Kevin email.bdr at gmail.com
Fri May 2 12:31:27 MDT 2008

On Fri, May 2, 2008 at 12:19 PM, Nathan Lane <nathamberlane at gmail.com>

> Thanks Ray. I like Eclipse PDT (which is associated with Zend Studio) too.
> I've also used Aptana, which is based on Eclipse, but doesn't support
> parsing PHP for some reason, and both are pretty well balanced. The thing
> I
> like about Eclipse is integrated FTP and Subversion support. I can't
> remember why we aren't looking into PDT more, but I was told to look at
> Zend
> Studio and Komodo and compare the two for features and usability. The
> things
> I know we want are:
>   - Support to launch site locally (either via Apache or some embedded
>   server, like how Visual Studio .Net uses IIS to launch an ASP.Net web
>   application)

Komodo: Check

>   - PHP 5 autocomplete/syntax highlighting support

Komodo: Check

>   - (X)HTML, JavaScript, and CSS autocomplete/syntax highlighting
>   support

Komodo: Check

>   - Integrated Subversion source control support (Integrated FTP support
>   is also nice to have but not a requirement right now)

FTP in Komodo edit
SCC in Komodo IDE

>   - Projects support or the ability to group files into a meaningful
>   collection (besides just folder on the web server root)

Komodo: Check

>   - Ability to import the file system as we already have several pieces
>   of our project complete (I know both Komodo and PDT support this
> already)

Komodo: Check

> And right now that's basically it - all of the very basics of course.
> Quick
> keys or shortcut keys for doing stuff like commenting out multiple lines
> would be nice. And it would also be nice if the editor automatically
> finished XML, HTML, PHP, and other blocks, for example, you type <html>
> and
> upon typing the '>' the editor automatically adds </html> or when you type
> '{' then '}' is automatically added to the next line. But I haven't gone
> that deep into testing yet.
> If either of you already knows that one of these editors has all of this
> functionality, then great let me know, and I''l look into that particular
> editor.

Plus Komodo is built on top of the Mozilla code so it supports extensions
just like Firefox does. ActiveState is doing a lot of work to get Komodo and
Firefox to basically be linked together for development.

And Komodo doesn't suffer from that java bloat that eclipse does.


> Thanks.
> Nathan
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