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Nathan Lane nathamberlane at gmail.com
Fri May 2 12:19:11 MDT 2008

Thanks Ray. I like Eclipse PDT (which is associated with Zend Studio) too.
I've also used Aptana, which is based on Eclipse, but doesn't support
parsing PHP for some reason, and both are pretty well balanced. The thing I
like about Eclipse is integrated FTP and Subversion support. I can't
remember why we aren't looking into PDT more, but I was told to look at Zend
Studio and Komodo and compare the two for features and usability. The things
I know we want are:

   - Support to launch site locally (either via Apache or some embedded
   server, like how Visual Studio .Net uses IIS to launch an ASP.Net web
   - PHP 5 autocomplete/syntax highlighting support
   - (X)HTML, JavaScript, and CSS autocomplete/syntax highlighting
   - Integrated Subversion source control support (Integrated FTP support
   is also nice to have but not a requirement right now)
   - Projects support or the ability to group files into a meaningful
   collection (besides just folder on the web server root)
   - Ability to import the file system as we already have several pieces
   of our project complete (I know both Komodo and PDT support this already)

And right now that's basically it - all of the very basics of course. Quick
keys or shortcut keys for doing stuff like commenting out multiple lines
would be nice. And it would also be nice if the editor automatically
finished XML, HTML, PHP, and other blocks, for example, you type <html> and
upon typing the '>' the editor automatically adds </html> or when you type
'{' then '}' is automatically added to the next line. But I haven't gone
that deep into testing yet.

If either of you already knows that one of these editors has all of this
functionality, then great let me know, and I''l look into that particular



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