[UPHPU] eCommerce - what do you use?

Brandon Stout bms at mscis.org
Tue Jan 29 12:20:44 MST 2008

cole at colejoplin.com wrote:
> Quoting Scott Hill <llihttocs at gmail.com>:
>> I've read about RIAs using AJAX.  I have also used PHP to implement a
>> web
>> service.  Could you enlighten a little more on how your RIA will work
>> with
>> PHP as a service?  Is it a web service?  Would you use SOAP or JSON?
>> Sorry
>> to pester but I'm curious.
> Great questions all. Because AJAX has javascript that is easily
> exposed to the client, it's definitely less secure. Logging in through
> a Flex app is tucked away nicely. The short answer on PHP is to return
> an XML string. If you already have a SOAP or JSON service available,
> just use it. The other choice is to use PHPAMF and exchange the data
> in binary. Here's some docs that give some more details:
> http://blogs.adobe.com/mikepotter/2006/02/flex_and_php_us.html
> http://blogs.adobe.com/mikepotter/Flex%20and%20PHP%20060201.pdf
> http://api.renaun.com/max2007/ra101h_RenaunErickson_excerpt.pdf
> And as a nice marketing business case for RIAs, check out:
> http://www.inm.com/resource-center/en/white-paper/INM-RIA-Primer.pdf
> -- Cole

Are there any existing PHP-based RIA ecommerce solutions?

Brandon Stout
Stout Hosting LLC

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