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Nathan Lane nathamberlane at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 11:11:52 MST 2008

Thank you again.  This has helped me clear up my concerns.  I think I'm
using PHP the right way, at least for me, on top of that after hearing what
you all have to say also.  Now I just need to really learn PHP :)

Nathan Lane
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On Jan 24, 2008 10:20 AM, <cole at colejoplin.com> wrote:

> Why PHP? Since the web/browser combo has been essentially stateless,
> using PHP or any backend language for sessions allowed a way to save
> the state (like a login) on the server side. Saving state on the
> client with Javascript or cookies is notoriously unsecure.
> PHP, Ruby on Rails, and others have done both the display and business
> logic extremely well. But to me, their value is increasingly on the
> server, for business logic. For clients doing data exchanges, the RIA
> (rich internet application) model is the better way to go, IMO. AJAX
> is a part of that family.
> -- Cole
> > Nathan Lane wrote:
> >> At the top level, where my XHTML is, Is there a reason for me to use
> PHP?  I
> >> don't need any content management systems, and I require JavaScript to
> be
> >> enabled (or I might switch a bunch of it to server side JavaScript).
> > I always use php at the top level on my pages for session validation.
> > When I write web apps my users need to log in.  So I use php at the top
> > level to see if they are logged in and allowed on that page.  I also
> > make certain option available based off of their login credentials.
> > I often use php at the top level to create the forms.
> > Kyle
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