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I just remembered that on installation of Drupal, they have a feature that lets you add a prefix to your database tables. But, when you use the queries and fetches with drupal's built-in functions they return the tables as if they don't have a prefix. So, you could see what they are doing as well to get to an answer to your question.

Craig Jackson

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The AS option in an SQL command allows you to rename a field, like this:

select username as user, password as secretcode

Is it possible to rename all of the fields that you pull at once?
Here's what I want to do:

I have a table of fields that are all named with the same prefix. I
want to rename them as they are pulled from the DB with a different
prefix. Is that possible?

I have never heard of anything like this in SQL.  You are probably stuck with renaming all of the  columns in the SQL statement.  If you are using Postgres or something besides MySQL you might do something like this in a stored procedure although I have never tried it.  It would be neat if someone could figure out a nifty way to do this. 

Scott Hill

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