[UPHPU] eCommerce - what do you use?

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Mon Jan 28 10:35:05 MST 2008

While I don't believe this is a solution for most developers in this  
group, I'll mention this only because you've stated this is a media  
company. It strikes me that you may want to consider doing an RIA,  
like Flex (SDK is open source), and using PHP as a service. In fact,  
I'll be doing one myself this spring.

Why did I choose RIA? First, the user experience is a generation  
ahead. I read an article about eComm sites, their carts and conversion  
rates The general conclusion was that RIA carts had a 50% higher  
conversion rate than non-RIAs. To make their IT happy, Armani  
Exchange's eCommerce site converted their Flash-based cart to a new  
JSP page driven cart, and immediately suffered a 40% drop in sales.  
Hmmmmm. If we hit a recession, that alone could make the difference  
between living and dying.

Second, things like error recovery and transaction retries with  
traditional carts are a nightmare. This is by the far the biggest  
client complaint I always get on carts. RIAs give you state and  
security (but not so much with AJAX RIAs). RIAs have no pages to  
refresh, no sessions to read and handle, no funky server-side cart  
installations. Just immediate, secure, two-way communications, where  
the server is not nearly as stressed. And if you don't want to code an  
RIA cart yourself, and don't need open source, you can buy one (like  

If your contract was won on the back of an open source php-based cart,  
then never mind. But speaking for myself, I think I've done my last  
non-RIA cart.

-- Cole

Quoting Darrin Keller <darrinkeller at hotmail.com>:

>> On the down side, X-cart does like lots of elbow room.  Some add-on
>> modules and combinations of modules can make it a resource hog.
> We won a contract with a large, well known media company. We'll be   
> building a store for them. We have a custom store solution. However,  
>  we recently and quite inadvertently, ran a stress test. We had   
> around 1000 concurrent users trying to checkout and it nearly   
> crashed our server. Our new client may have as many as 20,000   
> concurrent users. Is there an open source solution that could handle  
>  this? If not, is there anyone on this list who specializes in   
> balancing and optimization/performance tuning?
> Along these same lines, we are growing and need a senior developer   
> (5-7 years experience).
> Thank you,
> Darrin Keller
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