[UPHPU] eCommerce - what do you use?

Brandon Stout bms at mscis.org
Sat Jan 26 14:39:26 MST 2008

velda wrote:
> Brandon Stout wrote:
>> PHP friends,
>> I was fairly sold on Zencart from my Google searches, but as some of you
>> may have noted, I'm not completely satisfied with it.  If I find someone
>> to help customize it, perhaps I'll go that route, but maybe there are
>> eCommerce packages some of you recommend over Zencart.  What do some of
>> you use, and why?
> I'd say the vast majority of my cart clients so far have preferred 
> x-cart -- it's robust enough to fit most stores needs out of the box, 
> it has paid support (so you don't have to patiently rely on the 
> kindness of others if you're having difficult issues).  Not only does 
> it do almost anything you'd ever need a store to do, but you're also 
> able to tweak the code as you'd like, create custom modules, purchase 
> modules made by other providers, etc.  It uses smarty templates for 
> skinning... the webmaster mode is handy for editing language and 
> layout.  They also have a big, friendly online community (for license 
> owners only).  And because its a popular cart that does pretty well, 
> many hosting companies (like ours but I won't spam our link unless you 
> want it) offer a discount on the license with hosting.
> On the down side, X-cart does like lots of elbow room.  Some add-on 
> modules and combinations of modules can make it a resource hog.  I've 
> had a few people get frustrated with it, particularly with applying 
> updates or troubleshooting heavy resource usage after heavy 
> modification, but we do find more people having success with it than 
> with other carts.
> I have a handful of clients using CS-cart, and they love it.  I don't 
> know much about it other than its supposed to be a side-step to 
> x-cart, and is supposedly easier to update after modifications.
> Litecommerce (by the makers of X-cart)  is another popular option, but 
> I hate it on many levels... for one thing, it's rarely an 
> out-of-the-box solution -- people have to add on extra modules to just 
> make a basic cart.  On top of that, the code is encrypted.  As a host, 
> due to myriad of add-on combinations people end up with just trying to 
> run a simple store, the configurations vary widely from site to site.  
> This makes it a bear to troubleshoot.
> Zencart is fine; OS Commerce and Cubecart less so, but most of our 
> customers who us any of those end up converting to x-cart eventually.  
> Magento is the up and coming super cart in the open source community.  
> I have high hopes for it, but I'm not going to start recommending it 
> yet... alot can happen between beta and release ;-p
> Anyway I hope that helps..  I'm kinda cranky and tired tonight  - just 
> made a major software switch over here - but if you have questions 
> about all this feel free to ask. I'm sure I'll be more agreeable by 
> Monday... maybe Tuesday ;-)
> Take care ... -Velda

You've made a great case for X-cart.  I'll read up on this one more.  Do 
they store settings using override files that ought to be in the 
database (where clients can modify the settings with the admin GUI 
instead of always reverting to a webmaster for these changes?

Brandon Stout
Stout Hosting LLC

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