[UPHPU] File upload validation

Rusty Keele rusty.keele at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 23 14:15:39 MST 2008

Trevyn Meyer <trevyn at esourcehome.com> wrote: Have you ever written a file upload validation?  What methods seem to 
work for you?  I have tried PHP mime type, but ran into problems where 
the OS thinks its one things and php thinks its another.  I have some 
jepgs uploaded that recive no mime type.  I have also tried the linux 
file command and it works ok, but with no great success.

I have used the exif functions in php to make sure users upload a specific image file type:

$imagetype = (exif_imagetype($_FILES['upload']['tmp_name']));
if($imagetype > 0)
      if (($imagetype != IMAGETYPE_GIF) &&
          ($imagetype != IMAGETYPE_JPEG) &&
          ($imagetype != IMAGETYPE_PNG))
    return 'Error: Attachment must be a gif, jpg or png';
  return 'Error: Uploaded file not an image';

PHP has to be compiled with the --enable-exif tag for this to work.
see http://us3.php.net/manual/en/function.exif-imagetype.php for more details


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