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OK, sweet, I think that pretty much clears up my confusion.  So most people
use it for doing things like retrieving data, or building SOAP, or XML-RPC
web services, or so?


On Jan 23, 2008 11:05 AM, thebigdog < bigdog at venticon.com> wrote:

> > Right, and so maybe I'm not being clear as to what I'm thinking.  Here's
> > my current application framework for my web application:
> >
> > XHTML ---> JavaScript (AJAX) ---> PHP (like a web service) --->
> > MySQL/XML/etc.
> >
> > At the top level, where my XHTML is, Is there a reason for me to use
> > PHP?  I don't need any content management systems, and I require
> > JavaScript to be enabled (or I might switch a bunch of it to server side
> > JavaScript).  Does this paint a clearer picture of my question?
> You dont need php on the frontend unless you need it to be dynamic. If
> that is
> not the case then you dont need php in that layer. Most developers will
> use php
> on the frontend layer that will generate the xhtml and javascript for the
> client
> to render. If you have that handled then you dont need php to do that.
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