[UPHPU] PHP Frameworks

Sean Thayne sean at lookin3d.com
Tue Jan 22 23:41:49 MST 2008

With the invent of __autoload() it takes away plenty of bloat, and they 
can be very lean, and mean machines. They can save you plenty of time. 
In fact they actually are better because you can work on optimizing your 
objects extremely well without having to update 100x different objects 
because you are rewriting everything from scratch... Also make upgrading 
a breeze...

I would also suggest them in a large workgroup, where your always adding 
to the project, a good mvc framework will save you plenty down the road, 
doing everything completely custom for right now is IMHO not a good way 
to work, because it makes it much more difficult upgrade later. even for 
a small, quick and dirty jobs I still like to use my framework, to save 
time, and ditch the learning curve new objects, I can open any one of my 
projects and immediately know what's happening without having to 
remember how I created this wheel vs. my other ones. With a solid 
framework you can use the brawn of a 900 pound gorilla in your little 
mouse of a project, which can help with anything from securing your 
code, optimizing your code, and simplifying your code. its kinda like 
having a sudo development team. People spend hours on optimizing, 
testing, benchmarking, and securing every bit of code in frameworks. Its 
a valuable resource, why waste it...

Just my 2 cents...

Also, I've looked at many, many different frameworks, built my own, and 
contributed to others. And I can easily say that the code involved with 
frameworks is some of the most sophisticated, optimized, and 
cutting-edge stuff you will ever see in a php project these days. Good 
programmers can write up a site, but only Great programmers can create a 
framework they are willing to use more than once...

Wade Preston Shearer wrote:
>> Id like to know what PHP frameworks if any you use.
> I don't use any. I have never felt like I needed one or that there 
> would be much benefit, or that the cons would outweigh the benefits.
> I think they are dumb, generally because they are unnecessary bloat. 
> They have to make be generic and all encompassing to work for many 
> scenarios so you have bloat. I like my stuff to be lean and mean and 
> completely custom. I'm not saying that I like to reinvent the wheel 
> just for the fun of it, but I need to have complete control of 
> everything including the display and have confidence in ever aspect of 
> the application from performance to security. There are a couple that 
> I might consider like Code Ignighter, but for the most part there is 
> no interest.
> If a framework comes with a few things like a DB-connect module, a 
> form engine, a validator, an authentication module… has a templating 
> engine (separates the display from the business logic)… and a few 
> other things like that… and that is all it does… then it could be 
> helpful in jumpstarting you on a project and not reinventing the wheel 
> each time, but if it does much more than that, then it's bloat and 
> will actually be a hinderance as you will waste more time figuring out 
> how to use it and trying to customize it then you would have just 
> writing it yourself.
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