[UPHPU] Zencart Customization and 'Overrides'

Brandon Stout bms at mscis.org
Mon Jan 21 23:37:29 MST 2008

I chose Zencart for a client's site because I like the default 
look-and-feel, it has high praises from a large community, and it seems 
well supported.  However, it's much less customize-friendly than any 
software I've used.  Many of the things that normally go in a database 
they place in files.  These files naturally will get over-written on a 
site upgrade, so to avoid that, you have to create an 'override' file.  
Customizing this site is more of a nightmare than I thought it would 
be.  It's probably still fairly simple to do, but I have very limited 
web development time available right now.  Thus, I'm looking for help 
from anyone comfortable with Zencart overrides and theming to help me 
with a one time config for their site.  They want to make these changes:

 1. Custom text on the home page
 2. Larger category images (they are still reduced to about 56 px, and 
they are reduced by the browser, not the server...)
 3. Links to other sites
 4. Keyword SEO
 5. I made changes to the default files, we'll need these moved to 
override files so the changes don't get undone when I update Zencart

Please respond if you are familiar with Zencart overrides and Zencart 
themes and if you are interested in a small project.  I believe this 
will be a small project worth about $100 to $200, but we can negotiate 
the cost.

I'm posting here because this is not really a job posting.  It's a short 
and simple project.

Brandon Stout
Stout Hosting LLC

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