Scott Mattocks scott at crisscott.com
Mon Jan 21 09:38:15 MST 2008

Justin Giboney wrote:
> Do you know what you plan to write it in? java, c++, possiblly php+gtk
> ...I haven't used PHP with GTK, but that might be interesting.

You should pop into #php-gtk on freenode. I know one of the regulars was 
building an IDE for PHP using PHP-GTK 2 (PHP 5 and Gtk 2.x), but for the 
life of me I can't remember the name of it or the URL. I am sure he 
wouldn't mind the help if you were interested.

You can also check out Tulip (http://tulip.solis.coop.br/us/index.php) 
which is a PHP-GTK 1 (PHP 4 and Gtk 1.x) IDE for PHP.

Scott Mattocks
Author: Pro PHP-GTK

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