Justin Giboney giboney at giboneydesigns.com
Sun Jan 20 16:19:19 MST 2008

Do you know what you plan to write it in? java, c++, possiblly php+gtk

I like apps that are cross-platform, since I use all platforms, so c++ 
is out. I  am somewhat familiar with writing desktop Java apps, and I 
have a little experience with Python+GTK. I haven't used PHP with GTK, 
but that might be interesting.

So far this is the list of features that developers would probably like 
to have:
- Syntax highlighting
- File locking
- File synchronization (date checking)
- Validation
- Auto-Tabbing
- Being able to view the results in different browsers
- Auto complete
- Database editor
- Database testing (simulation)
- Documentation (for me, I like to be able to see the parameters and 
action of functions as I type them. Does anyone know if PHP has a 
documentation system?)

That is a lot of things.

Justin Giboney

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