[UPHPU] Online Credit Card Payments

Jacob Albretsen jakea at xmission.com
Fri Jan 18 21:39:31 MST 2008


I am working on a small project for a good friend of mine who is part of a 
non-profit organization in Utah.  They want online registration for their 
conference this year.  No big deal really, make a form, submit some data, the 
usual.  But they want the ability to have people pay conference fees with a 
credit card online.  Way beyond what I can do.

I know their are online companies out there that let organizations set up 
accounts and can have people use credit cards online to pay them with part of 
the cost being a fee back to the company.  Has anyone ever used these / have 
experience / warnings they can share so I can tell the organization the one 
to pick to sign up with?


- Jake

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