[UPHPU] UPHPU Meeting Thursday - PHP and Ecomm using

Victor Villa vvilla at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 17:09:58 MST 2008

Greets UPHPU,


Wanted to announce information about our meeting this next Thursday.


PHP and Ecommerce using Authorize.net

With Travis Barney of Progrexion

Thursday, January 17th, 7:00 pm @ Bill Good Marketing

12393 Gateway Park Place Suite 600

Draper, Utah 84020


Travis, a former employee of Authorize.net, will be building his
presentation from experience he has with input from current Authorize.net


He will be presenting on two main topics: coding to Authorize.net and the
Business Aspects and opportunities of Authorize.net.




SIM (Simple Integration Method) - where you calculate the totals  and pass
in the credit num, etc, info goes to an authorize.net domain    

AIM (Advanced Integration Method) --  more hardcore, Authorize.net is
totally masked, the entire transaction appears to be on your domain




                What is merchant account

                What are requirements

                Info on how to be a reseller


Travis, formerly the webmaster of Authorize.net currently works at

More information on Travis can be found at trave.onai.net


Personally in speaking with Travis, the business aspect has me excited.
Being a reseller for Authorize.net would allow me to see merchant IDs to
clients, and build their sites, so not only do I get $$ on the code I write,
but a small percentage of their online transactions for as long as they use
that merchant id.  Talk about residual income!


Look forward to seeing everybody there!


We will be streaming this as usual, more information on that as next
Thursday approaches.




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